Weight Loss Equation

Crazy diet schemes don’t work…they are a ploy to make money. The truth is that our bodies need a balaced diet to function properly. We need calories…just not as many as we usually give them. The basic formulas are:

to lose weight: Calories in < Calories out
to gain weight: Calories in > Calories out
to maintain: Calories in = Calories out

1 pound of fat = 3500 calories

therefore, to lose 1 pound per week (1-2 pounds per week is a safe amount to lose) you must eat 500 less calories a day than you burn.

That may sound like a lot, but here is a breakdown:

Your BMR is your basal metabolic rate. That is how many calories your body needs just to function. You NEVER want to eat less than that number. For example, say my BMR is 1300 kcal. Throughout the day, I burn 300 kcal through daily activities such as showering, walking to my car, etc. Then on top of that, I go to a spin class and burn 400 kcal. So my total Calories out for the day is 2000. If I want to maintain my weight, I need to eat 2000 kcal worth of food. To lose one pound per week, I need to eat 1500 kcal. To gain a pound per week, I would eat 2500 kcal (a kcal is a kilocalorie–the same as Calories, just in reference to food).

Online calculators can give you a rough estimate of your BMR. You can use the one here:


Calculators such as this one will combine your BMR with activity level:


And for a comprehensive way to keep a record, you can enter your activities into a journal like FitDay.com, or the MyPyramid.gove websites…both of which are free!

Make sense?

Also, the main reason that “fad diets” don’t work is because you are losing so much weight so fast that:

1. you are just losing water weight and it will come back as soon as you start eating normally again.

2. you are not getting enough calories so your body goes into starvation mode and actually holds on to excess fat.

3. you are not making a lifestyle change. Ask yourself a question: Can I maintain this diet for the rest of my life? If the answer is no, it is not a good method of weight loss!


One Response to “Weight Loss Equation”

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    Also, Cacao is an excellent source of fiber, which blocks fat absorption, creates a feeling of fullness and is associated with decreased weight.

    In addition, Cacao increases the body’s endorphin levels, which naturally decreases the need to eat high-sugar, high-fat foods. The “high” one gets from the dark chocolate supersedes any enjoyment one might get from eating, so the focus shifts to eating for nutrition rather than pleasure.

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