Hi Ya’ll,

I’m sneakily blogging at work, shhhh!

I’m still super busy with:

  • the assignment from hell (aka reading the HR 3200 Bill and writing a 20pg analysis)
  • a 25+ pg midterm paper due next week
  • a group project
  • 5 weekly postings in current issues in healthcare
  • training for a 1/2 marathon
  • working 25 hrs a week
  • being a good mommy to Sam and Tucker (pets, people…)

Whew… But I wanted to take a quick 5 and post my Spin playlist from today (Megan came…I love it when people I know come to class!  It makes if fun!)

Ventura Highway–America (Stretch)

Run-Around–Blues Traveler (Warm UP)

Wild Night–John Mellencamp (Jumps)

I Do Not Hook Up–Kelly Clarkson (Sprints)

American Girl–Tom Petty (Endurance)

Ex-Girlfriend–No Doubt (Sprints)

How Will I Know–Whitney Houston (Recovery)

Spaz–NERD (Sprints)

So What–Pink (Run)

Renegade–Styx (climb)

Crawl–Kings of Leon (climb)

Misery Business–Paramore (sprint)

Champagne Supernova–Oasis (Cool Down)


Such rando songs today, and lots of sprints…but I think it worked!  I had fun, anyways 😉


**So, it seems like there were mixed reviews about health care reform updates.  I think it won’t become a regular thing, but maybe I’ll post about it when big stuff happens

Have a great week!


Leave a Comment:  What is your FAVORITE workout song?  For spinning, mine is One Big Mob by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and for running it’s Til I Collapse by Eminem.


4 Responses to “Quickie”

  1. Shari B. Says:

    Mine is “Calabria – 2007” by Enur feat Natasja & MIMS. Here’s a link to the youtube video of the song. I LOVE this song when I’m running. It makes me want to go FAST!

  2. MegaNerd Says:

    I had so much fun at your spin class!!


    Great choice in songs btw.

  3. Jul Says:

    Ooh – great question! This is a little embarrassing, but I just downloaded Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb,” and let me tell you, it is a *fantastic* running (and I imagine, spinning) song!

  4. Tracey @ TropicalHappiness Says:

    Oooh! Great music list… I’ll have to check these songs out. I actually have a blog post in the works about revamping my workout playlist. I’m not sure about my favorite workout song of the moment- I’m mostly about the beats and the *pick-me-up* feeling when I’m working out.

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