Bedroom Workouts

…No, not that type of workout 😉


Nicci sent me the following Tip:

Some mornings I don’t feel like getting out of bed, so I do some stretches in bed & 15 jumping jacks next to my bed. Then I started wearing my workout clothes to bed and I leave my yoga dvd or 30 Day Shred in the dvd player. I have no excuses not to work out.

Thanks, Nicci!  I love stretching in the morning too!  I used to go right into child’s pose as soon as my alarm clock went off every morning…that is, until I started falling back asleep.  Now I do my stretches like a civilized person…next to my bed on a yoga mat. 

I have discovered that exercise is the only thing that will truly wake me up in the morning.  On “rest” days, I still try and get in some activity in the morning before work.  Most days it’s just an ab routine and a walk with Sam.  But if I really need to wake up, I’ll do some kickboxing moves in front of my full length mirror.  Spencer and Sam think I’m nuts 😉


Here is a good article about exercising, even just a little, in the morning.


Leave a Comment:  Are you a morning exerciser?


2 Responses to “Bedroom Workouts”

  1. Lindsey @ Sound Eats Says:

    That other kind of bedroom exercise can be a fun workout. 😉

  2. littlemissminny Says:

    I am. I love to do my workouts in the morning, I get it out of my system so I don’t have to worry throughout the day if I’ll have time for exercising, it gets my heart pumped up, and I feel so much better 🙂

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