Are you a Planner?

Catie sent me the following tip:


One of my tips that I took a part of this month (and is working great) is to lay out what you want to do that week by day. I am a busy college student with work and a social life somewhere jammed in there. And I plan everything else out so I thought why not plan out my work out schedule. So I have laid out days that I rest and days that I work out. So far it has gone great!


This is a great tip!  I think that people who work hard to stay in shape automatically are busier than everyone else…we have to fit in exercise on top of all of our other daily tasks.  For me, an hour workout doesn’t just take an hour.  It takes time to pack up my work clothes and shower stuff to take with me to the gym.  It takes extra time to drive to and from, etc.  It also takes a lot of planning.  Especially when it comes to healthy meals!  Some days I’m on campus from 6:45 am until 9 pm.  On those days I have to plan out and pack breakfast, lunch, and dinner to take with me, on top of work out clothes, business clothes for class, and books!  It’s a lot of planning!  And I know I’m not the only one…Kelly is going through the same thing, as I’m sure many of you are!


Do ya’ll plan your workouts?  I sure do!  My workout schedule is:


Mondays: 7am training run and upper body lifting; 10:15 am Spin class

Tuesdays: 6am living room yoga and abs; long walk with Sam; 3:30pm Kickboxing

Wednesday: 7am training run and stretching

Thursday: 6am living room yoga and abs, long walk with Sam

Friday: 7am training run

Saturday and Sunday: active fun things…yoga, rollerblading, rock climbing, etc.


I plan out my schedule on an excel spreadsheet.  Of course, I also include my work, class, and study schedules too.  Having the visual helps me to better organize my time and stay on track!



Leave a Comment:  Do you plan your schedule around your workouts or your workouts around your schedule?  How do you fit it all in?  What planning methods do you use: charts, spreadsheets, paper, electronic?


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