Please, Please, Please!

Hi Bloggies!

I’m sad: 




I’m sad because my original idea for this blog hasn’t really happened…

My concept for this blog was centered around the idea of reader participation.  I hoped that readers (I know you’re there, WordPress tells me so :)) would send me in their fitness tips so that I could post them for everyone else to read and enjoy.  Well, so far, it’s only happened twice. 

This makes me very sad 😦  But I’m very easy to make happy…


…all you have to do is email me some of your best fitness tips at  That’s it!  I can guarantee that all (appropriate) fit tips WILL be featured on the blog!  If that is too difficult, you can even just post your tips in the comment section and I  will copy and paste them into a post 😉


So please…I’m begging, pleading…send me your fitness tips!  I know that all you lovely, fit, fantastic ladies have a plethora of fitness knowledge just waiting to be shared!


Leave a Comment:  Who is sending me a Fit Tip?? Holla!


6 Responses to “Please, Please, Please!”

  1. Christina Says:

    Pretty dress! And is that a gnome I spot in the second picture?

    Anyway, don’t worry! It may take a bit before you get the type of participation you are looking for, but it’ll happen. =)

  2. Tra Says:

    it’s okay. no one barely reads my blog too.

    uhhh fit tip? like what do you mean/

    in every exercise, engage your core/brace your abs. this means, if i was to walk by you and suddenly punch you in the stomach, you would be ready.

    Always work large muscle groups —–> smaller ones.

    stabilizers like rotator cuf muscles should ALWAYS be worked last to not increase risk of injury during your workout.

    uhhhh any little bit of exercise is beneficial! don’t fall into the all or nothing thinking!

  3. Lindsey (Mrs. LC) Says:

    I promise to come up with something(s) better later, but right now a good tip that I keep reminding myself is sometimes you just need to start. Sometimes you’re exhausted, frustrated, or just plain don’t feel like working out…whatever. In those moments, just start by doing something. Do some push ups and crunches in your living room to get you in the right mindset. Tell yourself “I’ll just stay at the gym for 20 minutes and after that if it’s really a terrible workout I can go home”. Usually 20 minutes comes and goes and I’m way into my workout zone by then. However, occasionally there will be times where 20 minutes goes by and I’m just as exhausted as I was before. It’s those moments that I can stop and still be ok with knowing I at least did something.

    Basically – something is better than nothing! It doesn’t have to always be an all or nothing mentality!

  4. Shari B. (FitFeat) Says:

    So sorry to hear that you are sad! I think it takes a long time to build a readership of NON-lurkers 😉 Don’t throw in the towel, because I like visiting your blog! I especially loved your one on pushups!

  5. fittipexchange Says:

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I actually got a few emails yesterday/today…so I have plenty of content for multiple posts this week!

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