Up to Here in School Work…

Hey Guys!


I’m up to my ears in school work right now…hence the lack of postings.  I am, however, taking a study break tonight to go rock climbing with some awesome blog friends! 


All of this school work and stress got me thinking about a Fit Tip: how do you stay healthy when you are hella busy and stressed?  I know for me, when I’m studying, I must have something crunchy to eat.  To solve that problem and control my calories, I munch on air popped popcorn.  Also, to not feel guilty about working out instead of studying, I woke up extra early to get a run in.  I rationalized  that I would be sleeping anyways, so it wasn’t missed study time.


I decided to include for you a post that I wrote this summer for my academic class blog (an assignment for my Capstone class-I had to write a blog to mentor lower level students in my major).  The post is about stress/time management, and I think it is extremely applicable to maintaining your fitness!  Enjoy:


From: http://discoveryourniche.blogspot.com

Musings on Time Management:


Since a lot of the comments last week reflected that ya’ll are short on time and long on things to do, I thought I would include some of my tips for time management.

1. Make a To-Do list every day! I usually keep a weekly list, and then make a daily list every night for the following day. I write mine on paper, but if you are an online list type, here is a great site that I have used in the past: http://todoist.com/

2. Make your list in order of importanceand complete tasks in that order. I sometimes use the Urgent/Important Time Management matrix explained here: http://www.srds.co.uk/cedtraining/handouts/hand09.htm

3. Schedule “me time” everyday. Whether it is for your daily workout, spending time with friends or family, watching your favorite TV show, etc., I think it is really important to schedule time for your self every day. In my experience, when I don’t specify time for myself, I will find that I get so distracted and burnt out, that I will end up wasting time anyways, but my doings mindless things like surfing Facebook when I should be typing an essay.

4. Set a bedtime/end work time for your self and stick to it. The work will still be there in the morning. And if you followed your Urgent/Important Matrix list, you should be ok with your deadlines. Besides, work done in the morning after a good nights sleep with most likely be of better quality that work done on an all nighter.

5. Start projects early! When you find out about something that’s due, even if it’s not for months, knock it out ahead of time, especially if you have down time from other work. For things like research papers, get the research done, read, and organized right when you get the assignment and complete a Works Cited (based on the assumption that you will use every source you found). Then, even if you wait for the last minute to write the paper, you have a big chunk already completed.

These are just some tips that help me, but everyone is different…I hope they help you!


Oh the Joys of Being a Student:

My hat was too big and it was crooked the whole time...no one told me!

  My hat was too big and it was crooked the whole time…no one told me!



I had to be at graduation at 7am...I was happy ;)

  I had to be at graduation at 7am…I was happy 😉


Leave a Comment:  How do you stay healthy when you have a lot of work to do?  How do you fit in exercise and eat healthy (when you really just want to shovel chips into your mouth :))


6 Responses to “Up to Here in School Work…”

  1. littlemissminny Says:

    It’s really hard for me to fit in exercise during hectic school days. Sometimes I stay on uni from 8 am to 5 pm, or even later. By the time I get home, I am tired, feeling down and just want to sleep. But sometimes I squeeze some exercises during the day. Like now, I use the time I would spent in public transportation for getting to uni with my bike. And I even get there faster!

  2. Kaytee Says:

    These tips are excellent! I really have been needing a kick in the butt in regards to time management. I love the last tip most… hopefully I will keep that in mind!

    I actually have to work out after work, between my first and second class. I have an hour and a half, so it’s plenty of time, but it keeps my day totally full.

  3. VeggieGirl Says:

    I hear ya on the busyness – hang in there!! And thank you for the tips 🙂

  4. Naomi Says:

    wonderful tips my dear!

    when I have lots to do the way i stay healthy is always packing my snacks while I am working or for work, this way I dont mindlessly eat whatever is infront of my face because well we all know thats what can happen when you are busy!

    i also ALWAYS put aside time for a workout even if its just 15 minutes, its something and it makes me feel a whole world better!

    love the bedtime tip!!

  5. Shari B. (FitFeat) Says:

    On days when I’m swamped and just want to “shovel chips in my mouth” I remind myself that (1) I’ll feel better overall if I skip the chips and eat my usual healthy fare, and (2) that even a quick workout will energize me and destress me.

    • fittipexchange Says:

      That’s a good plan. Sometimes I’ll sub carrots for the chips…I usually get tired of chewing, and then the urge passes 🙂

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