This Week’s Spin Playlist

Hey Ya’ll!

Since tomorrow is my insanely busy day…

7am: Training Run

10 am: Spin Class

12-4pm: Work

4-5:30pm: SHAC Liason Meeting

6-9pm: Class–Healthcare Human Resources


…I decided to post tomorrow’s spin playlist today (since I just made it, and I don’t think any of my students read my blog 🙂 )


This class starts with endurance and ends with a crazy hard, heavy climb with lots of sprints:


Peace, Love and Happiness: G Love (Stretch)

The Underdog: Spoon (Warm UP)

Funhouse: Pink (Resistence Loading)

Take it to Da House: Trick Daddy (Jumps)

Run: Gnarls Barkley (Sprint)

Magic Carpet Ride (The remix from the Go Soundtrack): Steppenwolf (Fast Running, Low Resistance)

The Suffering: Coheed and Cambria (More Running)

Build it Up, Tear it Down: Fat Boy Slim (Sprints)

Another One Bites the Dust: Queen (Start Climb)

Uprising: Muse (Climb)

Til I Collapse: Eminem (Climb)

Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You: Jay Z/Linkin Park (Last Song!  All out!)

Maggie May: Rod Stewart (Cool Down)




Leave a Comment:  On Mondays I have to pack breakfast, lunch, AND dinner to take with me to campus.  Do ya’ll have days like this?  What do you pack to take with you?


3 Responses to “This Week’s Spin Playlist”

  1. Naomi Says:

    yes! some days to work I pack all those meals as well. for breakfast I scoop 1/2 C oats and put it in a tupperwear container with cinnamon. I pack some fruit on the side. LUnch is usually a salad made with lots of yummy ingredients and either grilled chicken or a tuna packet on the side. snack is greek yogurt, apple. and dinner is a salad and then in a seperate tupperwear its either grilled chicken, tofu, homemade turkey burger and veggies! lots of tupperwear, but packing my own meals is SO much healthier and cheaper than the caf options : )

    love your spin playlist!

  2. littlemissminny Says:

    I just did some preparation for days like that. I made wraps, pumpkin bread and granola bars and froze them. Now I can plan my meals for school more easily. Like wraps with hummus or veggies, bread with some preserves or pb, granola bars for snacks between classes. I also plan to take a lot of fruit with me, and use all the leftovers from cooked lunches and dinner.

  3. Morgan (lifeafterbagels) Says:

    If I have to eat two meals on the road in a day . . . I do one meal as leftovers and one meal and a sandwich or wrap or salad. Plus don’t forget lots of snacks like fruit, bars, nuts, yogurt, even a sweet snack in case you crave it, you don’t want to go to the vending machine.

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