Sign a Binding Contract

Hello Blog World!  I hope there are still some of you reading out there!

Sorry for being MIA for a while…I’m in my 3rd week of grad school, and things got a little crazy for a while!

Today’s tip is one that I’m currently following.  Because of my job as a graduate assistant, I am limited to the number of fitness classes I can teach since GAs are only allowed to work a certain number of hours.  So, for the past couple weeks, my activity level has declined…a lot!  I went from teaching 5-7 fitness classes a week down to 2.  I’ve been trying to squeeze in an elliptical work out here and a weight training session there, and I’ve discovered…It’s HARD to be motivated to work out when your not getting paid for it 😉

So, my solution?  I spontaneously signed up for the Half Marathon Training Course at my gym.  Starting next week, I will be training for my first half marathon!  I’m excited, and I’m scared!  The most I have ever run is 6 miles, but I’m ready to try and achieve something new! 


My first 5k...the only race I've ever run!

My first 5k...the only race I've ever run!

Leave a Comment:  Have you ever signed up for something–a race, a personal trainer, etc.–to motivate and amp up your workouts?


5 Responses to “Sign a Binding Contract”

  1. littlemissminny Says:

    Congrat’s on signing up for that half! I don’t really have problem with motivation, I think I have too much of it actually 😀

  2. Shari B. (FitFeat) Says:

    Hey there Sarah! Oh goodness YES I do that! I think it’s a great way to pull you through times when our internal motivation is waning. 😉 I think that was how I ended up in my first NPC Figure Competition! I’d really spent a summer getting ultra-lean and wanted to make sure I didn’t slip back into old habits, so next thing I know I was turning in my registration. I also ended up in a Triathlon that way. I think most of my half-marathons weren’t to KEEP me running but just as a way to prove to myself I could run that far 😉

    You’ll be GREAT at the half! When is your race, so we can follow along?

    • fittipexchange Says:

      The half is in December…maybe like the first or second Saturday. I’ll make sure to do some training updates!

  3. Lindsey (Mrs. LC) Says:

    Congrats on signing up for your first half! I agree- committing to a race is a big motivator. 🙂 Can’t wait to follow your training/ see how you do!

  4. Allison (Eat Clean Live Green) Says:

    Absolutely! I signed up for a race this fall to motivate myself to keep running 🙂

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