The First Reader Fit Tip!

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to share Fit Tip Exchange’s first reader Fit Tip!  Today’s tip comes from Christina, the author of She Runs, She Eats.  Christina’s tip is about taking little steps to motivate yourself through a workout.  Christina wrote:

I’m Christina from She Runs, She Eats. My fit tip is one that I’m currently following, actually, and it sort of has to do with being under a “limit” and not having much motivation. Basically, instead of bagging a workout just because you don’t feel like it, go by time. If it’s a run you don’t feel like doing, go out for 30 minutes and throw in some strides to make it a quality workout. Don’t want to do the yoga routine? Just pick a series of poses and workout for 20 minutes instead. This, in a way, removes some of the pressure, but what I’ve found is that if it’s really a case of lack of motivation, I end up completing the full workout after all. If you really do need a rest day, you’ll quickly realize it without having gotten too far from home, or too into a workout.  Even if it’s just doing a series of push ups, plank poses/crunches, lunges, etc., set a time in which you can complete each exercise (even watching a tv show and doing the exercises during commercials) and see how you feel from there. Any little bit you do is better than nothing at all.


Thanks, Christina! 


So this post doesn’t completely lack color, I give you Jerome, my garden gnome.  These awesome photos were taken by my brother-in-law, Lee.


Leave a Comment:  What do ya’ll do when you feel like skipping a workout?  Do you just skip it, or do you follow Christina’s advice and just do a little bit?


5 Responses to “The First Reader Fit Tip!”

  1. Elsa Says:

    Yay for the first reader tip!
    I have a horrible “all or nothing” attitude about working out that I am trying to change. It is a poor way of thinking — when in reality some activity is better than no activity!

  2. Andrea (Fit Healthy Fun) Says:

    I almost always give it a go w something simple and wind up getting a decent workout in. Always happy I did it!

  3. fitfeat Says:

    Hi Sarah! I found your blog today from a comment you made at Fitnessista’s blog, so I’ll have to come back and visit with some tips for the exchange! Great idea!

    I’d have to agree so far with Christina and Andrea that even if I don’t feel like working out, I’ll usually get started. If I get 20 minutes into it and am still not feelin’ it, I’ll let myself off the hook. 9 times out of 10 I end up having a better workout than I probably would have on a ‘normal’ day.

    BTW, love Gerome the Knome! 🙂 That’s funny!

    — Shari B. =)

  4. Kelly Says:

    I love the concept of this blog! I think it would be awesome to accumulate all of the food and fitness bloggers best tips. 🙂 Thanks for telling me about the UCF half marathon training group. I will def have to look into that. 🙂 Are you a runner?

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